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Download and unpack

The deployment of a ViNe Router requires:

  • Linux Operating System, with kernel support for TUN/TAP devices
  • Bash Unix Shell
  • wget tool
  • Java runtime environment (Oracle Java version 1.6 or after)

The default location of ViNe software is /opt/vine2.

# wget
# tar ozxf vine2.tgz -C /opt

ViNe software directory structure

An environment variable ($VINE_HOME) points to the root directory of ViNe software. There are 4 subdirectories:

        |-- bin (ViNe binaries and scripts)
        |-- etc (ViNe configuration files)
        |-- lib (jar files)
        `-- var (logs)

ViNe software configuration file

Users should edit the vine.vars file to adjust parameters to run ViNe. A template file (vine.vars.template) is included in the ViNe package. If edits are needed, make a copy of vine.vars.template as below.

        |-- bin
        |-- etc
        |    |-- ...
        |    |-- vine.vars
        |    `-- vine.vars.template
        |-- lib
        `-- var

Default contents of $VINE_HOME/etc/vine.vars (vine.vars.template)

# ViNe variables

# Set path to java binary (uncomment if needed)
#export JAVA_HOME=/opt/vine2/java
#export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:.:$PATH

If java is not in your search path, edit $VINE_HOME/etc/vine.vars and point to the correct location of java installation.

Register a ViNe Router Instance to ViNe Management

Every ViNe Router needs to be registered in the ViNe Management System. $VINE_HOME/bin/cmds/ is used to register ViNe Router instances.

# /opt/vine2/bin/cmds/ -h
Registers a VR with the ViNe management server
Usage: -a|-f|-l|-t|-u|-h
     -h print this message
     -a auto detect (default)
     -f as full VR
     -l as limited VR
     -t as tiny VR
     -u as tunnel VR
     -n VN_HEX join the specified VN

For most of installations, the execution of $VINE_HOME/bin/cmds/ without any parameter should be sufficient.

Starting ViNe Router

A RedHat-style init.d script ($VINE_HOME/bin/ can be used to control a ViNe Router. If you have a RedHat-compatible Linux system, it is possible to automate the process of launching ViNe Router at boot, as below:

# ln -s /opt/vine2/bin/ /etc/init.d/vine
# chkconfig --add vine

ViNe Router can also be manually started/shutdwon:

# /opt/vine2/bin/ start

# /opt/vine2/bin/ stop